A MAKE IT GRAND fundraising event…
Bill Holmes & Tim Mottershead perform Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On in full, plus more classic covers
Friday 16 February - 7:30pm
Join us in the bar lounge as Bill Holmes (vocal) and Tim Mottershead (piano) present a special fundraiser concert in aid of Guide Bridge Theatre's MAKE IT GRAND appeal, raising funds for the ongoing renovations to our much-loved theatre.
In the first half they will give a complete performance of Marvin Gaye's classic album What's Goin' On. Written in 1971 it addressed such themes as social problems, alienation, war, religion, racial hatred, the cost-of-living crisis, the climate crisis, amongst others. Sound familiar?! That’s partly because Marvin was ahead of his time - his record label, Tamla Motown, originally didn’t want him to record the album – until they heard it, after which they quickly changed their mind. It’s also partly because nothing changes. Besides the title track, the songs include Save the Children, Mercy Mercy Me, and Inner City Blues, which gained a new audience due to the Black Lives Matter protests. Bill and Tim occasionally perform straight covers, but more often they reimagine the music in fresh and surprising ways, inspired by the intimate vocal-piano duo format of Tony Bennett, in his recordings with Bill Evans, and Bill Charlap. Their performances straddle multiple genres, including Great American Songbook, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Pop. In the second half they will present a mixed bag of material from these various styles, including songs by Bill Withers, David Bowie, and the Beatles, amongst others.
We look forward to welcoming Bill and Tim and thank them for supporting our fundraising campaign.
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