Monday 14th to Saturday 19th August 2017 at 7:30pm
Written and directed by Martin P Roche

Sue has spent her life married to an empty space.
Her husband.
A man who wasn’t ever really there; not with her anyhow.
And she fooled herself into thinking her manufactured life had been manufactured by her.
But a perfect life is not always what it seems and his death makes her realise it.
When she meets Ann, an employee of her late husband, she finds a soul mate in more ways than one. And following a chance conversation, they hatch a plan to laugh, to drink, to joke and to make fun with impunity about the afterlife and those who ask the question “Is there anybody there?”
But life can bring with it unexpected turns and what begins as a joke soon becomes much more.
We all at times speak to ourselves. But can we be truly certain who answers back?

“Is there anybody there?” … a play which shows how funny things don’t always remain so.
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