by Martin Paul Roche

Directed by Martin Paul Roche

Cast: 2f, 6m


Below you will find an overview and character desciptions.

The link below will take you to a brief overview of the piece and a download containing casting information...and a little snippet of a sound track of what is in store...!
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Martin says... "It promises to be another exciting project following on from the huge success of the premiere of 'Where is the life?' earlier this year.
If you want the opportunity to be involved in something new and very different, just get in touch."

More information can be found on Martin's website (click here)

The play concerns the story a young French couple who in 1940, are escaping the ravages of the second world war and destruction of their tiny French village. Fleeing the atrocities and the death and loss of all they hold dear, they run as hard and as fast as they can across the country, eventually finding themselves in the remains of Chateaux Tatar. It is inhabited by the last remaining member of the family who owned it. But they also find it is the home of a small group of soldiers from apparently different sides who appear to be seeking refuge from … what?
The young couple soon come to discover that with the chateaux, its owner and the soldiers there are many unanswered questions … and secrets. Old secrets. Dark secrets. Secrets which, as they are disclosed, will shake their relationship, their faith and all they hold dear. More importantly, secrets which will challenge their understanding of good and of evil; of life and death, of love … and of Chateaux Tatar. For they soon come to realise that it is not only people who have memories. So do places. And the reasons are darker, much darker than they could possibly ever think.

Older Paulette
: 50/older. Age is a function of the time period decided on and the age of the younger Paulette. French accent. Composed, dignified, passionate, elegant. Vitally a good story teller and able to paint vivid pictures for the audience (lines shown in script as ‘Paul’). Because of the static nature of the playing, it needs detail, mannerisms. If she is a smoker then all the better.

Younger Paulette
: 20’s. Fiery, passionate, questioning, inquisitive, attractive. Sister of Antoine. Devoted to each other. Is attracted to Claude. Casting needs to bear in mind that she is the younger version of older Paulette. (her lines are shown in script as ‘PAUL’)

: 25/30. Priest. Brother of young Paulette. Slightly older than his sister. Composed, has his faith challenged by the rigours of war and the secrets of the chateaux. The voice of reason, devoted to each other. Uncomplicated and honest.

: 25/35. Remaining member of the family that owned the chateaux. Good natured/humoured. Strong, balanced, attractive, immediately attracted to Paulette, youthful vigour and passion; thoughtful, honest.

Captain Howard
: 30/50. British Army Officer. English, well-spoken but not overly; more educated, articulate. Initially, he is approachable, business like. But he is cold, unfeeling, ruthless, takes delight in pain and inflicting it. He is the lynchpin to what takes place and the secrets disclosed and he evidences the evil within him in an almost matter-of-fact way.
He is also ‘The Man’ at the opening and end.

Klaus, Geneux
, Carter: 20/60. German, French and English soldiers respectively. Carter should have a strong regional accent. Probably Cockney or Lancashire. All are initially nervous, reasonable, ‘ordinary’ soldiers with the camaraderie that would demonstrate such. However, they soon become dark, foreboding, acolytes of the Captain and all he represents.

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Soul Without End

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