Monday 6th to Saturday 11th July 2020 at 7:30pm
A play by Dennis Potter
Directed by Pete Curran
Tom Bates reluctantly invites a young man home to dinner. He mistakenly believes he is his disabled daughter's old school friend. Mrs. Bates  nds their visitor, Martin Taylor, quite charming and welcomes the change in the long and arduous work of taking care of their seriously disabled daughter so she invites him to stay for a few days. Mr. Bates is quite wary of Martin, but in the interest of keeping peace with his wife, he agrees to let him stay. Martin slowly exploits the Bates' trust as he hatches an evil plot that will change all of their lives.

There is some bad language, adult themes and a scene that some people may find distressing, during the performance

Note that the film version of this play is an 18 certificate.
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book online
Brimstone and Treacle - Monday 6th to Saturday 11rd July 2020 at 7:30pm
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