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There are many ways to get involved at Guide Bridge Theatre

Auditions for our shows are open to all. They are informal and take place at the theatre, normally starting at 7:30 pm.

Work Nights and Sundays
The theatre relies on a band of volunteers for every aspect of upkeep. The actors on the stage are simply the face of this amazing team.
If acting doesn't take you fancy, or you want to expand your horizons from on the stage to off it, then Guide Bridge has regular set building and maintenance sessions on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

You would be very welcome if you just turn up, but do consider dropping an email to
if you are new to us to let us know when you might pop in, and then we can make sure you know the times and where to come.

No previous experience or skills are required, and we have a kettle!

Other options
OK, so we have dangled acting and back stage type things in front of you, but perhaps none of those take your fancy.
Well, we have so many other ways you can get involved.
  • Every show we do needs Front of House staff to sell teas, coffees and sweets and to look after our audiences
  • We need Box Office staff to help sell the tickets
  • Perhaps working behind the bar takes you fancy - yes we have opportunities to volunteer there too!
  • Or maybe you have a passion for cleaning
  • Are you, perhaps,  a social media marketing or web site design guru with skills in php and sql databases?
  • lighting, and sound?
  • Maybe you are an architect looking for a pet project improving a theatre building?
  • Could you be a builder or engineer keen to show off your skills in a comunity building?
  • Maybe you are a hedge fund manager desperately looking for somewhere to give money to (yes we are always in need of that as well as volunteers)
  • Or perhaps you don't know how you can help, you just want to be involved.....

Well whoever you are, we would love you to come and join our little band.
Email us at enquiries@gbtheatre.co.uk and introduce yourself...
or better still, if its show time, come along, watch a show and intorduce yourself to any of the volunteers.

Guide Bridge Theatre
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