Thursday 21st November 2019 at 2:00pm
Presented by 'Made By Mortals' and
the 'Johnny Barlow Theatre Company
‘Rats In The Sofa’ is an original piece of music theatre by Made By Mortals, that aims to raise awareness of safeguarding issues that effect vulnerable people.

Mr A wears a pair of battered Nike trainers.
His ‘friends’ are anything but and he just can’t
say no.... Mrs B wears pink slippers and her daughter and carer Miss C wears strappy white shoes. They live on 2 sofas in the front room of their council house. The upstairs is occupied by old newspapers, plastic bags, tinned food and clothing.... Mr D wears old brown boots. He forgets appointments. He loves fishing and single malt. His dear old mum had a Jack Russell, both long gone, he has nasty sores and rats in his sofa...

Using music, song, movement and drama The Johnny Barlow Theatre company will bring to life real case studies and will challenge the audience to take a walk in their shoes. The works ultimate aim is to move communities and services towards a system of early prevention rather than crisis - helping people live safer and happier lives.

The Johnny Barlow Theatre Company create original music theatre to promote wellbeing and bring about social action.

‘Rats In The Sofa’ is a commission from Oldham Safeguarding Team and will be performed on Thursday 21 November 2019.

A video trailer is shown below:

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Rats In The Sofa - Thursday 21st November at 2:00pm
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