Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 7:30pm
Seasons of Change - Busking England.
Book and album launch
book online
book online
Season of Change - Busking England (Book and Album Launch - Tom Kitching with Marit Mält) - Friday 23rd September 2021
Tom Kitching with Marit Fält
Live at Guide Bridge Theatre.
When Tom set off to busk around England, a little over three years ago, he couldn't have known he was documenting the end of an era. From being angrily summoned to return to a County Durham coalmining village to halcyon days amongst fellow buskers on the Cornish Riviera. From the heart of the Black Country to the square mile of the City of London.
It was a quest to get to know his own country better, through its native music, a quest completed just in time for the high street to close and the country to head into a state of profound change.
It's become a moment in time, the before. What will we find when we all finally emerge and take stock of the worst recession on record and the inevitable consequences of our agonising, slow-motion rupture with the EU?
One of the best books on England in recent years.
Mike Harding
It's like reading one long, beautiful song
Lopa Kothari, BBC Radio 3
There are dozens of folk violinists, but few with the attack, passion, and ingenuity of Tom Kitching. The most beautiful instrumental playing of the year.
- Sunday Express
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