Guide Bridge Youth Theatre
Guide Bridge Youth Theatre runs each Monday evening.
The group is split into two age ranges who meet at:
Ages 7 to 11 - from 4:45pm to 6pm
Ages 12 to 15 - from 6pm to 7:15pm
The group explores all aspects of theatre. No experience is necessary and the group will aim to introduce and develop a while range of skills and experiences.
Box Office: 0333 666 3366
Guide Bridge Youth Theatre’s team of dedicated volunteer theatre practitioners are committed to inspiring young people to dream, explore, think, and connect through imaginative storytelling in performance.
We believe that theatre by young people should aspire to the highest standards in both process and product, making theatre that is dynamic, challenging and honest.
GBYT provides a safe, accessible and open forum in which young people can express themselves whilst building confidence and developing key life skills.
GBYT hopes that every member will move on with a store of rich memories which will enhance their personal lives, their careers and their ability to contribute to society as creative and responsible citizens.
Guide Bridge Youth Theatre aims to develop Confidence, Creativity and Consideration in young people while giving them a greater understanding of themselves, their community, and the world they live.
These transferable skills fall into three objective categories:
  • Creativity
  • Personal development
  • Social development
Creativity this includes exploring ideas and experimenting with characters and storylines in groups to create devised or improvised theatre. In addition, the young people work with scripts, learning to understand and interpret existing material. Theatre is hard work but the combination of discipline and fun is what gives that sense achievement when it succeeds.
Personal development happens organically as a result of creativity – the young people become more confident about speaking and participating in groups, both on and off the stage. They must exercise self-discipline, self-control and responsibility - when performing, while waiting to perform and during the rehearsal period.
Social development is another biproduct of the theatrical process. Working in groups, listening to and respecting the ideas of others, learning to compromise, and trusting your fellow performers to do/say what you expect them to are all fundamental to creating theatre. Exploring contemporary issues and learning to relate to people who are different from us is at the heart of the Youth Theatre’s creative content.
The group has a maximum capacity, so get in quick to get the most out of it. To be a member of the group, the young person must become a 'Junior Friend' of Guide Bridge Theatre.
There may be some financial demands if there are special activities outside the normal scope of the sessions.
For more information contact Jackie by email