Saturday 13th March 2021 at 7:30pm
Our two previous readings have been one act plays.
This reading is a longer peice and we expect it to have a run time of about 90 mins
This play contins a small amount of strong language.
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Our third online Play Reading takes place on Saturday 13th March.
A new play by Colin Smith
'Stay Safe'
a It’s been ten years since Adam suddenly disappeared without a trace. Angela has since remarried and is more than a little surprised when Adam turns up at the door just prior to the national lockdown. His manner and attitude make him unrecognisable from the man she knew. But why has he suddenly returned and what does he want?
Meanwhile, running alongside this story, Angela’s husband, Gareth, has a secret rendezvous with his new American girlfriend Caprice, who has something she desperately needs to discuss with him.
The two interlinking stories unveil a web of lies and deceit. Things come to a head with an interesting twist. A drama with elements of comedy.
The reading will start at 7:30pm, but the event will be open from 7:15 so you can get settled into your seat!
Make sure you get yourself comfortable, grab some refreshments and tune in!!
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