Saturday 27th March 2021 at 7:30pm
ZOOM Help Sheet
If you’ve never or rarely use ZOOM, here are a few easy steps to get you started.
What is ZOOM?
ZOOM is an on-line, internet-based, videoconferencing software.
What do I need to join a ZOOM meeting?
a) Laptop, tablet or smartphone, preferably with a web camera and microphone
b) Internet connection (WiFi or wired)
c) An email invitation from the meeting organiser or just the Meeting ID and meeting password.
If you’re accessing ZOOM from an iPad/Tablet or cell phone, you’ll first need to download the ZOOM App onto your device from the App Store.
You DO NOT need to create an account to join a ZOOM meeting.
To join the meeting
Open up your web browser (Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and type in ““ [You can then make this a ‘Favourite,’ or add it to your Desktop, if you like.]
1. Click on [Join a Meeting] in the menu
2. Type in the Meeting ID number (815 2101 3226), then click JOIN
3. When asked for the password enter (GBT)
Our fifth online Play Reading takes place on Saturday 27th March.
A play by Jake Talbot
'Smoking Shelter'
In a hospital smoking shelter, Carol and Andrew’s ciggie breaks align, they find themselves finding connection in their differences, however when their views and beliefs collide with each other and their current lived experience, can they forgive and forget? Can they find solace in faith?
About the author
Jake Talbot is a playwright and Actor from Oldham, his debut play ‘Drowning’, and exploration into male teenage mental health performed to sold out audiences in Manchester and Huddersfield, with an already sold out show, set to be rescheduled at Oldham Coliseum. In 2020 he wrote, ‘My Princess’, for The Royal Exchange’s Moments of Connection, which was performed by Julie Hesmondalgh.
The reading will start at 7:30pm, but the event will be open from 7:15 so you can get settled into your seat!
Make sure you get yourself comfortable, grab some refreshments and tune in!!
To join us you will need to use the Zoom video colaboration platform. If you know what you are doing with this then the joinging informaiton is below.
If you are unsure what to do but would like to join us  then please read the information at the bottom of the page.
Zoom Meeting information
Meeting ID : 815 2101 3226
Password : GBT
or click the link:
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